Peruvian Gastronomic Experience

Fra USD 89,00 $
  • Varighed: 2 Timer (Ca.)
  • Sted: Lima, Peru
  • Produkt kode: L015

Activity itinerary and description:

  • Welcome to a gastronomic tourist attraction in Peru. Find a new way to know Peru with Peruvian Experience, where you will have an unforgettable experience.
  • Dark Ride: Get started with a tour across the origins of Peruvian gastronomy. Special and audiovisual effects will surprise you in a unique experience that promises to teach you everything about the history and gastronomy in Peru.
  • Cooking experience: Have fun learning to cook with our chef the most representative dishes of our Peruvian cuisine.
  • Pisco experience: Enjoy an experience where you will get to know our vineyard and learn in an entertaining way the pisco production process.
  • The Taste of Peru: Immerse yourself in a sensory space and enjoy textures, scents and flavors that only Peru can offer. In this amazing space, you will get to know our sensory zone and enjoy a great variety of products, joined by all the rhythm and color of Peruvian typical dances.

Services Included:

  • English speaking guide.
  • Tourist transportation.
  • Shared service.

Itinerary Schedule:

  • Approximate total duration: 2 hours.
  • From Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30 - 19:30 hrs. and Sunday, 10:30 - 17:00 hrs. 

Difficulty level: 

  • Low. 

Do not include in the final price:

  • Tourist transportation.